Tips for Preparing Perfect Barbecue

29 November 2019
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Barbecue is one of the most popular types of foods. However, it can be a surprisingly labor-intensive type of food to prepare. Luckily, a person that is looking to barbecue some meat will be able to give themselves a better chance of creating a delicious dish if they follow some basic tips. Appreciate The Need To Let The Meat Slow-Cook  Individuals that are new to cooking barbecue will often make the mistake of underestimating the importance of the meat being cooked very slowly. Read More 

Chorizo Breakfast Ideas

14 November 2018
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Although chorizo, a spicy Mexican sausage, is known more for its starring role in savory lunch and dinner recipes, it can also add flavor and a touch of heat to hearty breakfast options as well. Don't be afraid of substituting chorizo for traditional breakfast sausage the next time you make your favorite morning meal. Typically made from a combination of chopped pork, pork fat, and seasonings such as garlic, paprika, and pimento, chorizo can be either spicy, slightly sweet, or a combination of both in taste. Read More 

Why You Should Use Pure Cocoa Powder In Your Muffin Recipes

8 June 2016
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Muffins are a delicious food that people often have to cut out of their diet when they start causing various health problems. This is especially true of delicious and sweet chocolate muffins, but it's possible to emulate their flavor and texture by skipping out on sweetened chocolate and using pure cocoa powder in your recipes instead. Here's why you need to start baking your muffins with cocoa powder. They Are Packed With Nutrition Read More 

Your First Home Bar: An Alcohol Primer

7 June 2016
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When you've finally moved out of your parents' house and are living on your own for the first time, you will naturally concentrate on acquiring the basics required to set up your home, like kitchen equipment. Once you acquire the fundamentals, you begin adding the things that make a home more comfortable, livable, and aesthetically pleasing. One of these is setting up a home bar. While it can seem like an overwhelming job, here's a basic primer on what to start with. Read More 

Two Tips To Help You Choose The Best Chicken For Your Family

6 June 2016
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Chicken, which has now surpassed beef in popularity within the United States, is a staple in many homes across the country.  Because of this, it's quite easy to walk into virtually any grocery store or market and purchase a package of chicken for a relatively low price.  However, all chicken is not the same, and you want to choose chicken that will be as fresh and healthy as possible for your family. Read More